Wednesday, April 28, 2010

No Pictures Today

It was a day, again, of driving. Lots and lots of driving and some rain.

Good thing is, I LOVE to drive. .

I met a nice couple last night at the camp ground. They live in Tahoe, California, and had 2 dogs with them. They winter, apparently part of the time, at the campground. They were going to take their motorhome home today, but it's snowing in Tahoe even as we speak. We've had, as have most of you, a very unusual spring. Weather wise, that is. They're opening a restaurant up there on the south shore called Dory's Oar. It has a Tudor Pub (makes me think of Henry VIII !). I should go camping up there sometime. It's beautiful.

Ok.... ONE picture. They finally fed the kid instead of her feeding the dog (grin)


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Description of High Water in the Redwoods..

In December, 1964, a combination of early snow melt, heavy rain and high tides backed up the Eel river (and several others). The results were disastrous, especially for the small towns along the Eel River (notably Weott and Myers Flat). The river, which is far to the right (the tree tops can be seen), rose above Highway 101 and wiped out these small towns. All bridges, roads and even railroads were 'disconnected" from north to south. People died and recovery was slow because of the massive damage. I had to stop illegally to get this video, but it's something that amazes me, so I did! You can still see the high water marks on many of the old redwoods.

High Water in the Redwoods

Monday, April 26, 2010

Beasts of the Sea..

Just one picture. Southern Oregon Coast is rife with these piles of rocks. They have named many of the which are supposed to resemble things, and other remain lost and forgotten. I showed you one picture on the way up. This is outside the campground at Harris Beach. I love these monoliths. They remind me of some pre history things that started to crawl out of the oceans when the earth was so young that there weren't names for them.. Then something.. freeze... comet... something stopped them as they struggled to rise out of the water and here they sit. Forever. On some of the beaches there are piles of driftwood, looking like so many bones from the more fragile of these beasts... They never cease to amaze me.

I had to get the thermostat replaced today. I could have driven home without it working properly, but couldn't stand the "service engine soon" button glaring at me on the way home. It put me off a day from my travels, but I'm not on a schedule so who cares.. I had a similar problem on my '62 Buick Le Sabre, but once I found out what it was, I had it removed from the vehicle... they are remarkably unnecessary in Southern California!

OH... and it's POURING here..

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Break From Travel...

Feeding a cookie to Rosie...

Might want to eat it herself???

I just drove around and antiqued yesterday... and won $290 in the casino...

We won't talk about how much I SPENT, but I came out ahead...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Florence Musings...

So I'm here for one more day. It's raining again, which suits me, but not the billions of dune buggy riders who came into the campground last night. I wonder how long the dunes will last.

I met some fun people last night.. actually, they came into MY camp space the night before, driven out by the smoke in their campground. It's usually me who goes searching. They had friends come out to visit last night and we sat and talked (well.. I talked) and then it started raining... Nice people. Lucky people, they live in Oregon.

In the camp site next to me was a couple from Germany, with an 8 month old baby. They usually tent camp, but rented the motorhome because of the baby. Very nice people, even though I never saw the kid... The Cruise America gave them away even before they spoke. It's the rental 'deal' and I see lots of visiting Germans in Big Sur in similar rigs.

Both groups offered to feed me! I politely refused, having met the chef of a small restaurant in town who offered to cook lunch for me. I had a Portabello mushroom sandwich, even though he wasn't actually cooking. We started talking about computers and books while in my favorite coffee place.

Yum.. yum... yum..

Spent the day seeing if it would be feasible to move Mom up here.. might not be. Got a cute picture of Mom and Kimmy and Rilynn from my sister. Mom looks very engaged.


This is what I want to watch from my deck every day...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Just a Kitty Today...

At least to start.

My sister is taking care of the kitties. Big Kitty, of course, is all over her, but Baby Kitty is shy. She IS getting better, and my sister sent this picture to show that she isn't always under the covers.

Maybe, if you're really good, I'll take more pictures!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Settled in Florence...

I'm firmly ensconced in Florence, in my little campground, watching the birds eat the crackers I've left on the table. It finally got too cold to stay outside and read.

It's been so nice and quiet on this trip. It's let me read and nap and sleep without the constant sounds of a neighborhood. I can't say I miss that, as I've never really been without one. A neighborhood, that is. I can only say that I don't miss it now, and would like to spend at least a few good years without one. Maybe constant travel IS the answer.

It's rained on and off today, but once you get away from Bandon at least the wind drops. Bandon is probably the windiest part of this coast and yet it has, apparently, a world class golf course. I talked to a man last night who got soaked playing in 30 mile an hour winds and rain. He was happy as a clam...

I never understood golf (grin).

I drove around and checked out things. There are these beautiful pink trees blooming everywhere. I don't remember seeing them here before, but I'm rarely here this early in the year. They look like cherry trees, but may be a flowering version. No one in Moe's knew what they were.

and here's Moe's! I had a grilled cheese sandwich and a cup of what is purported to be the best clam chowder in the world. I won't argue with them.

This is definitely the off season for camping, so I have had no trouble getting 'lodging' so to speak. We'll see about the weekend. This little bed (see below) is not only comfortable for sleeping, but I can stack up the pillows on one end and make a decent couch/lounger out of it, where I can sit and read or do computer stuff with ease. I wish I'd known this 35 years ago!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Morning Post

Two things struck me this morning (no, sweetums, not physically).

The faucet in the bathroom was a push down handle, and it moaned like an old hooker trying to simulate arousal. I swear!

Coming in to town I noticed the traffic on the other side was stopped and I stopped and a mama duck and a boatload of duckings crossed the road at a pretty fierce clip! soooo cute. no time for picture..

In the meantime, here is a picture of the ever growing Scotch Broom.. it seems, if I recall, that it is taking over the coast...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bandon By the Sea

Not much to say.. it rained all night long, and is raining still, even as we speak. That means no pictures (rain and fog), but I did take this. This is one of the most popular picture places on the coast... No wifi at the campground, as I recall.. so I'm in town, stealing again..

Big Rocks.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Oregon at Last!

I arrived!

I am here!

I didn't drive very far today, but it seems that I've driven 875 miles since I left L.A.

That's a long damned way just to get out of a state, dontcha think?

It's been cool and almost rainy all day long, which suits me (as you all well know) just fine. It's supposed to rain tonight, and be quite cold. (does the mizmarilyn dance). It was very nice and cool as I sat in my little camping spot and read and napped and just had a great time.

I know, I'm easy!

This picture was actually taken at one of the pretty rest areas in Northern California (hell, what am I thinking... it's one of the ONLY rest areas in California!) I like the composition and think I might try it in black and white. I miss my BW camera. Doing it digitally ain't the same. (and no, it's not like doing it virtually, so just settle down).

OH.. and in case you think you're out of the woods?

My niece sent a picture to keep me company..

Looks like she takes after her father, the chef. I only hope her tongue doesn't get stuck!

hmm... it IS interesting in Black and White...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fortunate? Fortuna!

So I'm in Fortuna. More than 700 miles and I'm STILL IN CALIFORNIA! It's much nicer here... it's starting to cool down, as there is supposed to be rain coming in tomorrow.. maybe.. (like I said, it's California, and if there one thing certain about California, it's that nothing is certain)...

Another long day of driving, but I did make a video for you (below).

Oh.. and I included some Pruneville Art. This little 'sculpture' was behind my camping spot (with the barking dogs and too many people and no one to talk to except for the guy who wanted to see some bracelets to me.. a real deal at just $8 (they were worth about 50 cents). I wonder how long the gloves have been there....

Another picture of the quaint San Fran street (19th street. one of only TWO ways to go through San Francisco... the other is the main highway, 101, which takes you THROUGH DOWNTOWN SAN FRANCISCO which, as I've mentioned, no longer needs the business). All these little houses share common walls... must be fun at night.

At Fortuna, which is a nice campground and a cute little town, I met someone in the gifty shop (you know me, I'm so shy). When I was discussing the spelling of my name he popped up and actually KNOWS a Schenck...

There are no big worlds, only little concentric circles that pull you into someone with whom you have something in common..

Go figure...

So I'm quiet and happy right now, and closer to Oregon than I was yesterday..

Golden Gate Bridge

Saturday, April 17, 2010


and NO, you are not getting a picture of Pruneville...

Consider yourselves lucky.

I'm on the road again, 350 miles North of L.A, and STILL NOT OUT OF THE STATE...

I will blog when I have something to say...


Friday, April 09, 2010

Yeah.... Yeah.... I Know... Enough Already!


I'm going to get with my Nephew's artwork shortly, as promised, but there's a link on the right to his incredible stuff...

Until then, this is the piece that inspired my Gniece (pronounced Geeniece) to stick out her tongue. You can see, if you look, the pieces he used to make this object'd'art (forgive me). There is a pick axe and weights and car parts and the tongue is the end of a stair railing. He really is talented and unique...

and another one that made me laugh.

She can sit up now, and likes to get into things. My sister put her into the ice tub (from parties) and gave her things with which to bang and clatter . She can see herself in the reflection, and has a ball in there..


it's a meaningful activity when you're baby sitting!

Also, I have this picture, that was a postcard (common in the late 1800's) that shows my grandfather (the one born in China) in a tub...

He, however, is getting a bath!

And here's another to prove the large eye picture ain't a fluke!