Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just An Aside..

My sister's dog...

Poor, long suffering, unkempt, unhappy, never gets to go to the fishing place kind of dog..

Pretty, isn't she...

I should live so well...

They never take me ANYWHERE!


(of course I'm not nearly as well behaved)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Picture I Never Saw of My Mother..

Well, that would be somewhat inaccurate. This picture was in an album, but was part of a larger picture and faded. I saw it in a slide and had my sister scan it for me... I don't care about the other people in the picture, so that's the reason for the poor cutting job.

I love this picture of my Mom. It may well be the prettiest I ever saw her. There's something about the casual yet graceful clothes, the short hair (with the little white spot just starting), the incredible shoes and the relaxed look about her.

I just love it..

OH... and here's another...

Do you recognize anyone else in this picture? The other man (not the famous one) was our forever family friend (the one who owned the ranch I so love in Joseph, Oregon). We were down at Newport Beach and there was a race happening. My mom wasn't a great sailor, but what was needed that day was a third person (required) and she was small and light..

But I love the boyishness of this picture, too...

I don't know what she did to end up like she is now, but this person in these pictures didn't deserve it..

Friday, October 23, 2009


Apparently, the outfits I gave her were not only necessary, they were indispensable.

Who knew babies changed their minds so often???

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Here She is Again!

I know... she's not exactly exciting, but she IS cute and does hiccup every once in a while... HEY... she's young!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pictures I Never Saw of My Father...

and am I glad!

This was for some rotary function. I'm scanning in the pages of our old photo albums, rather than the individual photos, and I'm going to send CD's to the family. This way the pictures are as they were in the books, explanations and all..

But there's no explanation for this!!


I didn't think it was him in the small pictures, until I saw his ring (the one I wear)...

then there was no doubt!

ain't he a cute blonde?

at least someone gave him flowers!

and I don't have ANY idea what this means...

don't know that I want to know..

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Enough Babies, Let's Get Back to What Matters!

Both of my kitties are EXTREMELY interested in the DVD player slide out drawer. Baby Kitty has been known to disable it whenever possible, and Big Kitty follows her lead more and more. Here they are, waiting for the magic to happen..


It's gotten colder here... (yea!! whoopee!! hurrah!! HUZZAH!), and the kitties have been on the bed more often, but this is the first time I've seen evidence that they need a little extra body heat (grin)..

aren't they cute?

cute as any old baby??


Kitty Crumb Attack

The trick it to get the crumbs OUT of the bag, and we can't seem to lay one single claw or paw on one. She's done this before, and it just cracks me up.. She KNOWS there's something she wants, even though she wouldn't eat it..

Silly old Kitty...

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

More Pictures of the Brat...


Updated photos... ONE HOUR OLD.... (puts her thumbs under her suspender... oh wait... that was a different time and place... sigh... Ok.. just BRAGS!)

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

She's HERE!!!!

My first grandNIECE!

Born tonight... Just a while ago...

She looks tired, but oh so sweet! 5 lbs 2 oz.


Saturday, October 03, 2009

Fair Music

Sometimes the music is good... and then... well..... apparently everyone gets a chance (grin).

And the Blimp

a visitor from beyond the pale... Blimps like fairs!

The Pirate Show

There are lots of things for kids to do at this fair.. the pirates are fun and are dressed to the nines... too bad I don't have any. um.. Kids, that is...
or not...

Run Forrest, Run..

The wondrous day has started with the race. It's 8 AM and none of these people look as if they are having a good time... Notice the cheering squad up the street...
Oh.. and will SOMEONE please tell me why men have to SPIT!!

Friday, October 02, 2009

It Begins Again...

The Hometown Fair..

and Yes, I'm home...

Now, if I had traveled where I planned, I would NOT have been here this weekend.. it was an honorable plan..

If you notice, across from my house THIS year (you never know) are the SCREAMING KIDDIE SLIDES..

Where the hell's my knife..

All the booths are set up now (they used to make everyone wait until Saturday, during the 10k race, but this makes more sense.

and everyone has a good time...

except for those who don't.

Did I ever tell you I had a gate put down at the left hand side of my garage that closes off nothing and only exists to keep drunk people from the fair from walking up my steps and pissing on my house?

Oh how I love the fair..


I know it's an age thing. I FULLY realize that. But since I'm in the middle of it, I get several benefits like:

Two.. count them.. not one but TWO bands playing at each end of the fair. They can't hear each other, but I can hear both of them..

at once..

Then there's the smoke of food fires and the smell of various cooked foods which somehow combines to produce a .. well.. sort of rancid meat smell..

and the people who want to park in front of my garage as if it was some sort of RIGHT..

It's a southern California Rich People's disease..

Trust me..



I will enjoy parts of it and try my best to ignore the rest...


after weeks of 90 degree heat..

it might