Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cambria and Cayucos

So... I slept better last night (I forget that it takes me at least 3 days to get used to the bed in this little van), but my body didn’t .

I had breakfast in Cayucos again... once you've got a good thing....

I went up to Cambria today.. it’s a little enclave above Morro Bay ; a little artsy community. I had a relative who used to live in a great house up here, and I visited them as often as I could. Sweet place. I could live here too, but it’s waaay to off the beaten path to ever want to travel...

but nice.

Most of the houses are on hills, which is another reason I wouldn’t pick the place. I dream of a one level house. Dream...

I poked around some antique shops but was hindered by the fact that I’m not standing upright exactly..

and on the way back to the campground...

The little town of Harmony... population 18.

I did finish Stephen King.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Short Trip to a Small Place

I'm in Morro Bay, just for a few days... I'll write all about it later!

now it’s later...

(wait.. how can that be??... have I bent the time/warp thingy?)

So, I decided to go up to Morro Bay for a few days, just to shake the smell, sounds and sh*& from the city. It’s really pretty up here, as you KNOW since you’re followed my consistently and remember... don’t you?

The campground is old, and can be measured by the size of the trees.. you can see my little van butt sticking out.

The camp was built in the 30’s by the CCC, back when men weren’t afraid of hard work and, in fact, felt lost without it. Suppose that’s why it’s still here. The bench is an example of 80 year old building.

I spent some of yesterday napping (sigh) and reading the new Stephen King. He’s soured on mankind considerably since his accident (evidenced by THE DOME, or the Stand Under Glass, as I call it), but he’s always a good read.

It’s cool and sort of sunny here but I still get to wear my sweatshirts. I won’t get them much longer, as Spring and Summer are merrily on their stupid way... or ways.. as it might be. All the same to me.. too hot and too sunny.

I went to Cayucos for breakfast in one of my favorite little old time breakfast places. Always good food... always. And I’ve been coming there for years.. (and years... and years)..

another tree..

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rilynn loves pancakes?

Taken with my phone at breakfast this morning.. small, but cute!