Sunday, July 26, 2009

Look Familiar?

It turns out the series "Weeds" is filmed in Manhattan Beach..

How ironic (in ways you can never imagine)..

I believe this is the street from the top of it, and then at the alley way closer to 'the house'.

I wasn't watching the series regularly enough to peg the location, but noticed the distinctive tiles in one scene and thought... hmmm... looks familiar. Then I started paying attention. I think this is supposed to be the fictional border town... I'm going to have to watch more to see.

I'm so proud.

I believe this is the same location where the movie "Tequila Sunrise" was filmed.

OH , and we had some big waves this weekend, but they were mostly south of here (and HUGE), but our little enclosed bay got some pretty things... if smallish..

OH... and a Newspaper photo of the REALLY big waves.. some were reported to be as high as 20 ft.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Who Needs a Leash.... Oh Wait! I KNOW!

This was the only "dog into knee" picture I could find, so it isn't applicable to my situation, but it WAS a golden retriever, so....

Yesterday morning as I was driving to the bank, I saw a beautiful golden retriever running berserkly in and out of the main drag that runs in front of my house. It's a busy street and a VERY busy time, and I feared for the puppy's life. I saw a woman running, leash in hand, unable to stop the puppy.

So I stopped. Every time she got near the excited young dog, it ran joyfully away from her, enjoying the game and, as with most goldens, totally oblivious to the danger. I got out and called the dog, figuring maybe it would come to me in curiosity and I could catch it for her. It came, puppy like, to check me out. I reached out and it SLAMMED INTO ME, FULL SPEED AHEAD DAMN THE TORPEDOS and all the rest of that stuff.

And never stopped.

This wouldn't have been a bad thing except for the fact that it was a LARGE puppy and I was planted firmly on my left leg.

You all remember my left leg.

It's the one with the bad knee.

Which, remarkably, is much worse right now.


it really really really hurts...

She finally caught the puppy with the usual lame excuse "He always just goes from the front door and jumps in the car"...

Good thing it wasn't her 4 year old kid...

But then I think I could have caught a 4 year old...


Monday, July 20, 2009

Where Were You... ?


That's where I was when Man first walked on the moon. I was enchanted. Enthralled. Enlightened. Exuberant. Exhilarated

and ultimately exhausted.

I must have called my Dad 7 or 8 times as the event unfolded, even though the rates for a phone call from Hawaii to California were exorbitant in 1969.

Most of you won't recall it clearly, as you were too young, but I was a fully grown adult, and the anticipation was unbearable.

I remember Sputnik, flying over MY HOUSE (it seemed) in 1957 or 58. It was somehow unnerving. I think about that and am amazed that we could see it over Los Angeles, but the ambient light at that time wasn't as strong as it is now. You could see the stars then.

But to walk on the moon...

What a thrill...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Talk About Your Blazing Tailpipe!

It's the Surf Festival/Beach Volleyball weekend.

Not my favorite weekend, what with my love of crowds and well behaved humans...

but something new was added this year, in the parking lot of the local market (which is two blocks from the beach)...

The World's Largest Grill. Period. (That's what it says!)


didn't try it..

but I thought about Wyatt Burp and thought she'd just love it!

and that's one big truck!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I Love To Watch... (subtitle) It Only Hurts For A Little While..

Sorry I haven't written..

I had a bone graft in my mouth!

Long story..

and the thing that the dentist is holding in this cartoon by Bill Abbott (very funny guy) is a lower jawbone..

It felt like that..




(Yeah.. I'm sick, but at least I admit it)

Friday, July 03, 2009

Big Papa's Blazing Tailpipe...

So...I was talking to Wyatt Burp (and the name takes on a WHOLE new meaning after today!). We had several conversations today, mostly about the weather (very hot and humid at her end, nice and cool and breezy and overcast at mine). The last time I was calling to tell her that it had actually DROPPED 2 degrees out here. She was NOT happy, but informed me that she was in the middle of a blazing tailpipe.

I was immediately enchanted...

and very curious.

We started laughing at the beginning of this conversation, and were in hysterics at the end, so if it doesn't hit you like that, then you just had to be there..

Turns out a Blazing Tailpipe is a chicken sandwich.

But not just ANY chicken sandwich. It is so named because of the effect it has on you.

Well, that started it. I asked if that was the official name, or just the local reference. She told me it's a Big Papa's Blazing Tailpipe.

and the conversation went downhill from there...


and irrevocably. Some of it I can't mention in this post.



Not gonna go there (so to speak)

I'm still chuckling...

Thank goodness for my colorful friends...

Oh... and I just love the "Southern Eats and Meats"... rofl!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Last One (and just for comparison)



Too much fun!