Monday, December 10, 2007

I Can't Help Myself....

These kitties are so adorable... I can't begin to tell you how cute they are, but, of course, I'm going to try!

Baby Kitty (her name, as I told you , is Sweetpea.. or Sweetie pie... or Sweet something.. she mutters the end of it, so it's difficult to tell).. she is the princess, of course. She knows she's pretty and extremely soft, and she has become a great deal more loving as she feels safer and more settled. She now trades with her sister to sit on me, pretty much where Calamity used to sit, but she's still so small and soft.. (unless she's chasing her big sister around the house).

Big Kitty, who hasn't mentioned a name to me, is inherently more cautious, but so needy and loving that it's sort of sad. She grooms me, and rubs all over my head, and tries to groom her sister whenever the little one will settle down enough. She occasionally wakes up on my bed in the afternoon, after it has turned dark. She starts to cry... not meow, but tiny cries and I say.. "we're in here!" and she runs in and leaps in my lap and rubs her face all over me as if she thought this neat house was just a dream.

Today, they found the squirrel show, and spent HOURS staring and chirping at the back door, as the fat squirrels sat in front of them an taunted.... every once in a while the baby kitty would hide behind her big sister cuz those squirrels are BIG and she's just a little kitty..

Kitties watching birds and squirrels...

Tonight, for the first time, she nailed Big Kitty on the ottoman and groomed the stuffing out of BK... and Big Kitty didn't mind one danged bit.

I love that they are friendly, and I know it's because of the terrific job that the SPCA people did.. I stopped by to tell them how the girls were doing. It was their attention to the kitties and volunteers and the co mingling of all of the kitties that allowed me to pick two of them. I'm so thankful to them for their caring and involvement. Like I said.. I love people who love animals.
If you're looking to get some kitties, check out your spca and see if they are as involved and charming as mine!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Is it Christmas Card Time Already???

There are two kitties in this picture... VERY close together!


So ..

no updates on the kitties lately because I realized I was SO behind on my cards..

They are going to be a simple thing this year. No long letter this time, just a note..

but you all know how much I love you!!


Can you find the REAL stuffed kitty?