Monday, September 17, 2007

Oregon HO!

The Oregon state parks are without equal.

I know this is an unequivocal statement, but remember, I have been a great many places in my years of travel...

I crossed the border today and stopped at Harris State Park. People have been telling me for years that this park is particularly beautiful... They were right. It’s on the ocean, but on a bluff, littered with tall trees and those little enclaves for which the state parks here are renowned. Each camper has a little space all their very own, surrounded by trees and bushes, which gives the illusion that you very well may be the only camper here. If you choose to go and seek companionship, you may. If you choose to sit and read and contemplate, you may also.... up to you.

All for $21 a night, including electricity and individual showers....

I drove around Eureka this morning, after having breakfast at the Samoa Cookhouse. It has been serving food since 1893. It was a cookhouse for lumber people for years, but has had great success as a regular restaurant since. It’s filled with pictures and implements from the logging days, and it’s best visited with a bunch of people, as they serve food the old fashioned way.... pitchers of orange juice, coffee, and bowls of biscuits and gravy and eggs and sausage and french toast. I have some video I took years ago inside... it’s the place i had dinner with the gentleman trucker many years ago.

Eureka is known for it’s old, beautiful buildings. There was lots of money to be made destroying the redwood forests. This house is known the world over, and the arts theater is equally impressive.

The drive here from Eureka was short, but interesting. I saw elk (see!) and redwood trees and any manner of small towns. I was going to stop in Trinidad, which is charming, but there was some kind of bike race clogging up the town. Stoopid bikes..

It rained a bit! I was so excited that I was going to call everyone I know, but my service here is limited, so you all lucked out!

I’m going up the coast at a leisurely pace. I don’t know where I’ll stop next, but there are dozens of little antique shops and odd breakfast places and cute little towns to explore. I know this coast well.. .

It’s raining again!

I will have to find a wifi place tomorrow morning, as the parks HAVE one, but they charge. Only drawback...


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