Saturday, September 30, 2006

In the Hills of West Virginia... Which Way??!

Keep in mind... there are only two on ramps at this spot... one going left. One going right... ha!

This is one rest area I remember because of it's form and the setting... it's in between two tunnels on the most beautiful spot... either WV or VA... they're both right around this spot.

I saw Rskoo again!! I went to her house because the campground last night was about 140 miles from her house. There isn't a campground anywhere near her. I met her Mom, who is a saint, putting up with her (grin)... we had a discussion about HER ROOM, but I'm going to leave that to her to explain.

She fed me the most delicious quiche... I should have bummed some for tonight, cold or not. OH! and I got so excited about real food that I forgot to mention how beautiful their home is... Rskoo has done some incredible painting (wall type), and with the things they have, it really sets them off. I could live in their kitchen with the window on the back yard...


About that Christmas tree...;)

I'm in Sutton WV. The only decent campground in a long ways. It's behind a Day's Inn, which is a good use of the land, and it's quite pretty.


They are having a concert tonight in the amphitheater (why can't I spell that word anymore??) which is ATTACHED to the campground, so I'm as far away as possible. It's Darryl Worley, which won't be bad, it's just really loud when you're up close. Problem is, the restrooms are down by the concert, which means a half mile walk. Thank goodness for my little porta-potti!

Apparently he and Dickle (whiskey) travel a lot together.. (hic!) and look!.. it's pooping ice!!

I have excelent wifi again, for free. I can't see this screen well in this moving daylight, but i'm trying very hard to do it right. They could get quite wet tonight at that concert!

Another campground view.. it may just be me, but I think my little camera is misbehaving...

I love this drive..

I love TO drive..

i.e. I love to drive this drive...


At 6:42 PM, Blogger ILS said...

Wow! I think the effin most of us should move to the Virginia's - either one. Although the Missouri Ozarks are exquisite this time of year, too. Gotta get down south sometime this month!

geez, stj, we need to meet at highway 13 or 65 and head south! Wouldn't that be a hoot? ... and they think Padre is wild during spring break! (((pssst - we'll give mizm bogus directions and hijack her to the Ozarks with us where we'll carry out our nefarious plans to turn Silver Dollar City into an exact replica of Deadwood...The Baldknobber gang ain't got nothin' on us!)))

mizm, if you like that highway sign I could show you a spot in Lawrence, Kansas where you can stand and see 4 one-way signs all pointing in a different direction. Not bein' particulary given to such things, I actually did snap a pic of THAT one once!

At 7:17 PM, Blogger Infamous Angel said...

um... Silver Dollar City has already been changed..

it's DOLLYWOOD now...


I've been to that spot in Lawrence. There's a pretty KOA there, too!

At 9:10 PM, Blogger ILS said...

Silver Dollar City still is - it's near Branson, MO. Dollywood's in TN.

At 9:43 AM, Blogger turtlegirl76 said...

Wow - so you did you stay in rskoo's driveway or something? ;)


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