Friday, October 03, 2008

Waiting For the Faire....

So I came home early. Surprised? I'm not (grin)

I still have the ability to 'wake myself up' when I need to. I'm not an early riser anymore, but I knew I would have to get up early to get down the Big Sur road in advance of

1. The sun.. It's difficult enough driving down the winding road without having the sun blind you every few turns.

2. The road crews. As I said, because of the fire, they are working on the road, and the delays would have been several, up to 1/2 an hour each time. They don't start until 8 AM, and by 8 I was almost to the bottom of the road. Ha!

3. The new fire. As you can see, it's burning toward the road and could be seen easily. I figure if they didn't stop it, the road would have closed sometime soon after I left.

The new fire...

Looking down the road. You can just see the sun peeking through. This is a new thing my photo application can do (the halo effect) and I'm having fun with it..

After I passed the fire, I stopped at the lower campground and looked back. You can see the flames, not far above the highway.

The last night I was hoping to get some sleep, but several things interrupted my respite.

At first I thought there was a mild earthquake. Maybe in San Francisco (which would NOT have been mild, but would have been felt that far south). The bed shook a couple of times. I thought "great, now I'll NEVER make it down the road" as any earthquake sends bunches of rocks down on the road.

I went to the door to see if anyone else gave an indication that they felt it, when I saw several of the people who work there coming out of their cabins. Running... I asked what was happening, and they said "fight!". I went to the other side of the bedroom to look out the window and couldn't see the fight. I COULD, however, see into the window of my neighbors, who were making love like rabid bunnies...

Hence the shaking... (grin)

OH.. and, apparently, if you wish to remain in Big Sur this winter, you have to take a course in first aid, neighbor rescue and survival.


If you won't take the course, you won't get to stay!

That's how often they think the fire will affect the road this winter.

Loss of power and the ability to traverse the road and rain and mud and... well... not a happy winter ahead.


Tomorrow is the Hometown Faire, and I'm safe and sound and cozy and still on vacation as far as Mom's concerned, so I'm fine!


At 9:33 AM, Blogger WyattBurp said...

Yeah, SURE it was the folks in the next cabin that was causing the earth to shake.......

Glad you're home in one piece and relatively sane. That hometown faire looks like lots of fun. And a candy apple doesn't sound bad either. Except now days I would leave a few of my crowns in the apple.

P.S. I am looking so worldly these days. (smiley face inserted here)

At 5:17 PM, Blogger Infamous Angel said...

Glad to hear it..

although, you've seemed pretty danged worldly to me all along...

'cept for that weather thing...


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