Monday, October 09, 2006

Obladee... Oblada!!

One of the little ponds in this very large campground in Verona, NY... there's a casino nearby, hence the popularity of Verona.
I shocked the stuffing out of Obladee today (grin)..

I was driving on I-90 about 10 miles from her house, so I gave her a call... her first words (after the obligatory Hello) were,"What's the weather like out there in California"... I said I had no idea, I was in Worcester! She had no idea I was on a trip, much less close to her..

So I went to see them... her and the kidlets (cute as bugs, all of them)! She's another of us who is just darling, both inside and out, and we talked on and on.

She gave EXCELLENT directions which I totally ignored, hence the 5 phone calls.. (out goes a slight ahem to Rskoo (hee hee)). We had a great short visit and talked as old friends, interrupted only occasionally by a few kids who just HAD to be in the middle of it somewhere... Like I said, they're cute!

She took one of the very few pictures of me that doesn't make me look like an aging harridan, and, if she lets me, I just might put it... naw... never mind (ha!)

So I'm back on the road again heading WEST this time, with no agenda depending on weather and open campgrounds. I'm in Verona, New York (shudder).. the shudder is for New York, not the very pretty campground in which I find myself tonight. It's getting cloudy, however, and I think the sunny weather I brought with me for Massachusetts is not going to last...

Oh well..

I don't mind the rain, only tornados!

me... ain't my little van cute..

and small?


At 8:06 AM, Blogger turtlegirl76 said...

Obladee!!! Once again, I so envy you for this trip. Someday, I'll do the same.

At 12:29 PM, Blogger Infamous Angel said...

(sings) Some day my prince will come..

Hell, I envy you your proximity to everyone.. visit them one at a time. You're ..what... a hundred miles or so from medic.. maybe...200 from rskoo, shrieky and a tad more to peebs... Not much further to ILS and ST Julien (who, by the way, could meet in the middle of their STATE in about an hour or so.. )

I tell you, it's been such a joy...


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