Saturday, May 13, 2006

Silly Daddy, I'm going camping!

A rather ridiculous (and therefore priceless) picture of my father, a man who had to be fairly serious all his life...

My father didn't like it when I 'hit' the road. Hell, he didn't even want us to go away to college. Right close to home worked for him... My first van was his old delivery van, a 1969 Ford. It had 90 thousand miles on it when I got it. It said "California Venetian Blind Co" on the side. Dad told me to get it repainted, but I just took a sanding block and scraped off the letters.. Worked just fine! It was an empty shell with no right seat (I added one). I loved it. I had that van for almost 10 years before I got my first Astrovan. Then I had that one for 17 more. I know how to make a car last, that's for certain!

I'm going traveling for a short while. I have to try out the new BED in my van... I'm going to put a picture of it at the end of this. Last trip, the thing I hated the most was making up the futon every single night, crawling around on my poor knees, and then making everything right again in the morning.

No more.

A friend built a platform that goes between the sides of the van, resting on the wheel wells. The distance is 68 inches... I'm 5'5". You do the math. I haven't been this excited about a new traveling thing for a long time. I can PUT things under the platform. There is an airbed on top, so I'm soooooo comfortable... and I still have room for everything else!! It's soooo cool!

Ok.. 'nough about that...
Here you can see the covered platform, and then the fully made bed (minus about 4 more pillows!)


At 9:40 PM, Anonymous CanalGal said...

Wow, that bed is super!!! Looks very comfy cozy in there. Do you take your cat with you when you travel ?

And that picture of your dad is wonderful,love the hat!

At 9:42 PM, Blogger Infamous Angel said...

I don't take the kitty, she would hate it... and I'm going to miss her the most (and she, me)... next kitty I have starts traveling as a kitten!!!


At 12:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you brought Roadkill, I'll betcha CJ would love the trip.

(two more weeks, MizM, plus maybe an extra week to sleep!)

At 9:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

MizM I am here!! Can you believe it? Me on your blog. I am moving along with this tech thing, ha,ha
Have fun and remember the rules:) Medic
ps I don't know how to put my name at the beginning:(

At 3:37 PM, Blogger marsh said...

pretty snazzy set up you got there, mizm.
Also, happy trails to you on your upcoming road trip. I love road trips.

At 12:30 AM, Blogger St.Julien I said...

You're going to have a great time. Safe travels, keep in touch when you can. I envy all the folks who will get the delight of meeting our Divine MizM and her MizMobile.



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