Thursday, September 22, 2005

I once was lost... but now I’m fine....

I’m on my coast. MY coast. The Oregon coast I’ve been traveling on for somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 years or more. MY coast. It’s a kind of come home feeling. I know I’ve said i’m going to live in Joseph someday, but I may not be able to be away from this coast. I went through Cannon Beach today, and it’s a touristy hell (or blessing, depending on your point of view), but it’s so beautiful. I want one of those houses down by the ocean... the little ones with the mud porch to shed your permanently damp clothing and head into the warm kitchen or light a fire in the fireplace... Or I want one of the larger homes up in the pine trees just a bit away from the constantly busy town... I don’t know. All I do know is that I love it, every little bit of it.

Except for Lincoln City... bleech!

I stopped and poked around and went to the Tillamook cheese factory (which has the very best ice cream and TONS of gifty things), and I’m currently at Beverly Beach, which is right across from the ocean but sheltered by huge pine trees. Each campsight is a little enclave, cozy and fairly private. I HAD A SHOWER... sigh... I once was lost but now i’m saved. Funny what a little hot water can do for a gal. They could only give me one night’s stay here which is fine, but it makes me worry about Honeyman campground in Florence, where I wish to spend more time... I was all worried about it today, but I’ve made my peace with it now. There are lots of campgrounds around Florence, and I’ll be just fine.... no.... really... no... HONEST!

An aside... I’ve noticed with age that there is an increased dis-ability (un ability?) to be able to LET GO OF THINGS!! I’m just not as flexible as I once was... Now, there are people very close to me who will tell you that I really never WAS very flexible, and they’re probably correct, but when I start noticing the increased tension about what I HAVE to have, it’s not a happy thing. I have to watch that, I truly do.

i’m not sure just how far I’m going to go tomorrow. oooo.. wind gusts.... chilly!. I’m going to the aquarium in Newport, and other little gifty places that I love, but it doesn’t matter. If I’m not flexible anywhere else, I’m loose as a goose here!! I’m going to have lunch with my friend on the Siuslaw river (the one who sold MY house... sigh) on Saturday, so that is the only plan I have.

I’ve met some nice people here in the campground, but nobody fed me... sigh...

and on that note,

nite nite...



At 4:09 PM, Blogger Peebs said...

Who are these fuckers that think they can spam your blog? GEESH!

I got your phone message today, Miz, I'm gonna try to call you soon. I know you said you're in a "no cell phone zone", but, I'm gonna try anyway!

I got postcards! Wuu-whoo! 2 of them! Big Sur and Oregon...beautiful!
Thank you! Hope you're having lots of fun! It looks very pretty where you are!

At 12:24 AM, Blogger St.J said...

Hey There!
Great photos! They didn't feed you?!? I oughta' tazer em'!! Send an S.O.S and I'll fed ex you some cheezits or somethin....


At 12:27 AM, Blogger St.J said...

They didn't feed you?! Urghhhhhh! Send me an S.O.S. an' I'll Fedex you some cheezits or sumpn'.

Safe travels to our Miz M. I raise a Diet Coke toast in the general vicinity of the west coast, in your general direction. I start my vacation tomorrow and I'll raise a lil' something 'stronger' in your direction, then...oh, say 90 proof :)


At 12:28 AM, Blogger St.J said...

P.S. I'm moving....I'll talk to you more about it sooner or later. I've gotta be out by Mid November. Frustrating, but it'll be a good thing when all's said and done did.

St.J again

At 5:46 AM, Blogger pfs said...

Miz M! You queen of the road! I got 2 - count 'em- 2 postcards today. Oregon looks beautiful. You are living my dream. Eat a few of Damien's apples for us. Stay safe and just so you'll know, I woulda fed you!


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