Saturday, October 14, 2006

Go Cornhuskers!

The campground tonight is in Nebraska. I don't know the 'city', it's more of a wider spot in the road. There are several big rigs here, and everyone is in watching the Nebraska-Kansas football game. I walked in a while a go and said, "Go Kansas?" and they all laughed. Everyone was wearing red. Nebraska is different from Iowa. I don't know how two states can be so close together and yet so different. It's quieter here, on the roads, and the countryside is flatter yet greener.

It was 28 degrees last night, but no precipitation... so it just seemed colder! It's been 'warmer' all day, and will be tonight. Not a great deal warmer, but not in the 30's... more like 40's... I'll take it. I slept in my sweats last night, but it got very very cold about 5 AM...

Sunset (sort of) at the campground. It's on a 'hill', so you can see forever... and it's all the same in any direction (grin).

Again, y'all are keeping an eye on me. I was headed for the KOA further down the line, when I saw this place from the road. I hurriedly checked the guide and it said it was the 'friendliest campground in Nebraska".. and it is. I stopped early because I needed to do laundry.. those pesky underpinnings... can't live without them. The owner (who winters in Palm Springs) was so nice and gave me the perfect site for me and didn't even charge me full price ( it's a big hookup site). Then he loaned me soap to do the laundry. I gave him one of my ammonites in return, and he was tickled pink... well.. beige at least. THEN he gave me a route home that will take me around the snowstorms that have been dropping in on I-80 and I-70 and closing the roads occasionally.

and it will take me through Dodge City...

yep, Marshall Earp.... we meet again.

I took a couple of detours today. One was to see a little Danish town with a huge windmill, and the other was Walnut, Iowa, which must have had 15 Antique shops... I got the sneezies from all the dust, but it was great fun.

So here I sit, blogging away with my FREE wifi again, and thinking on my good luck.

A house in Newton.. the Antique City place. It is a pretty little town about a mile off the main road, and has a lot of old houses. I like this kind of decoration much better than the blow up pumpkins and stuff... it's such a cute idea!


At 1:34 AM, Blogger bonho said...

Antique stores...aaaaah.

28 degrees...AAAAAAAGH.

At 7:44 AM, Blogger marsh said...

Yes, please steer clear of the snowstorms. That would be an adventure, but not in a good way.
P.S. I hope those ghosts didn't skeer you and make you R-U-N-O-F-T the road. heh.


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