Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Fish at the Casino in Laughlin, Nevada. THEY won't let you feed them anymore.. sigh..

I'm having a difficult time 'coming down' from the trip. I suppose it's because of the excitement and the length... As Medic said, it's a little like the day after Christmas. Bright girl, Medic.

I decided to NOT come home on a Friday night through the worst traffic in the known world (well, MY world, anywayS), electing to spend the night in Victorville, CA (a move which garnered me a great deal of snickering from people who know Victorville, including me!).

Victorville KOA.

The campground, however, was a nice surprise, all green and quiet (well, as quiet as a campground can be that's about 100 ft from route I-15). Victorville was as expected, only ... well... worse. It's one of those communities that used to be small. It's now overgrown, but the number and size of it's roads has not changed, making it impossible to drive contentedly.

The drive in was better on Saturday, but traffic in this city (Lost Angeles) sucks at any time of the day or night. period.

Arizona or California. Doesn't matter which, it's all the same for about 400 miles.. (actually, this is a lie. This is a GOOD looking part of the road. Mostly it's just scrub and ... more scrub with the occasional scrub to break up the scrub... )

I stopped in Laughlin, Nevada and had fun with the money I won the other day. I spent a couple of hours winning and losing and winning and losing and... well... losing. I had a good time giving it back, and the setting on the Colorado River is pretty. Hot. Pretty hot...

Colorado River at Laughlin. A very tame river by then, but pretty just the same...

And now I'm back and there are no more Cracker Barrels and I'm slowly making my peace with being home again home again. Mom was happy to see me, I think. She hugged me and poked me and smiled, so I guess that means good things. C.J. still won't put me down. She was sleeping on her shelf just now and woke up and saw me and started purring all over again. She sleeps on me at night, usually in an armpit if I sleep on my side, or right under my chin if I'm on my back. It's done wonders for my allergy!

Casino... (doh!)

And to all of you who were so kind to me and so accommodating and so wonderful (besides being beautiful and funny and witty and fine)..

Thank you for sharing yourselves with me...


At 4:30 AM, Blogger St.Julien I said...


It's now cold enough that I wear the beautiful hat you made me, everywhere, and I get soooooo many compliments! "Where did you get that cool hat?" folks ask. I just smile mysteriously and say,

"I happen to know the designer"



PS - I loved the "Devil Dog Road" message.

At 6:58 AM, Blogger marsh said...

Victorville?! mizm, WTF?

At 2:07 PM, Blogger bonho said...

One of my ex-work proteges has relatives who live in Victorville. They won some lottery and moved there. Yes. Yes. WON the lottery and CHOSE to move to Victorville.

At 6:45 PM, Blogger Infamous Angel said...

The world, as we know it, has certainly come to it's end...

Chose to live in Victorville??



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