Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Big Sur Road...

A fire in the woodstove in my cabin. I’ll take this over a kitchen any day!

The cabin is a simple one, but actually quite large. It’s a ‘singlewide’ I guess. I was here one night when some brave and crazy fool came into the campground after dark towing one of the larger versions of this. The newer ones have wood siding and look more ‘rustic’. He had brought this DOWN THE BIG SUR ROAD from San Francisco, a feat at which I still marvel. I then watched him swing his truck around (in this less than adventageous space) and back it up and plant it where it was supposed to be forever. A better man than I, Gunga Din!
My cabin.

Now I have to tell you about the Big Sur road. You can tell by some of the pictures, but they don’t do it justice. It’s 70 some miles long, and it is two lanes. Two very small lanes at times, and occasionally it has dropped off during rainstorms (a frequent happening, as it’s built on the edge of the rocky hills). Where this has happened, it is quickly fixed but often rough... sometimes it stays that way for a long time, and other times they have to build a new road around the old collapse. The lower part, the longest, is harrowing on a good day in places. It’s daunting if you’re driving a motorhome, and I can’t imagine hauling something as large as this cabin even though he took the ‘short road’ (26 miles).

Here’s a picture of the type of cabin he brought. He had no running lights on it (and asked me not to tell anyone)...

A recent break... happens every year that it rains. Sometimes the only way out is the upper road, to Carmel, and sometimes you have to wait... and wait...

The road has kept this area fairly out of the mainstream for years, and that’s the way they like it up here. They haven’t forgiven Henry Miller for putting Big Sur on the map! The road does have it’s charms, though, but it’s only the view...

the view..

the incredible view...


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