Saturday, September 24, 2005

My House on the River... almost...

This is a picture of my house on the river... now before you all go and start packing to come and visit, it’s not mine anymore... in fact, it never was. Let me go back a few years.

The people who live in that house, or lived in that house, actually, were and are very good friends of mine. I have known them for years. They moved up into the cottage next to this house 30 years ago, and built this house next to the cottage. I love this house and the location, on the back side of the Siuslaw river, out of Florence, Oregon.

I was going to live in this house, but circumstances beyond all our control made it impossible, but I love this house to this day. Tomorrow I’m going to have lunch with the woman who lives in this house now, but who has sold it and will move sometime soon, to a place better suited to her age and... well... age. Living on the back side of a river is not always easy. She is an amazing woman, full of wit and humor, and I enjoy seeing her immensely.

That being said, I toured around Florence today, blogging at a little coffee shop and just doing touristy things. I went to the casino, which is buried tastefully off the sort of main drag on the way to Eugene, and left with more money than I came in with. Not an easy thing, but I have this plan, and i often stick to it. That doesn’t mean i’m not going back tomorrow .

I know this town like the back of my hand... um... what IS that growth on my left finger??! hmm... I’ve been coming up here for more than 38 years, and this is a favorite place to stop. It’s grown, but the growth has been... well... ORDERLY if not always pretty, and that alone separates it from some of the other towns on the coast. I’m thinking of Lincoln City in particular... not a pretty town... no fun to drive through or be in... but they let the casino build HUGELY on the waterfront.

and that’s another story for another day...


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