Monday, September 13, 2010

Green River, Utah...

You have to hand it to those Mormons.. The Oregon trail was rough, but this was impossible!

The indians told them not to go through this area because the 'water was bad and poisoned their women'. This is a salt flat kind of place.

Since I'm still in Utah, you can tell I'm not running as fast. I'm not in a hurry. This allows me to stop and view things.

As usual, the topography changes as you cross the state lines. It never fails to amaze me. Out of the deserted desert for the few miles I was in Arizona, I ran along a canyon that had the Virgin river running through it. It use to be big, but since she must not have met any decent boy rivers, she has gotten smaller and older.

Then Utah. As you can see, rivers and water of some form has been busily at work, changing the landscape in beautiful ways. The 'bad place' was part of the varying kinds of layers of rock that you see here.

However, the prices of trinkets has gone up.

They were spread out overlooking the 'bad place', right under the sign that said 'No selling' Rules? We don't need no stinking rules. I was planning on buying something for everyone, but the prices were comparable to Mid Town Manhattan (not that I've ever BEEN to mid town Manhattan nor hope to go.. but I digress.. AGAIN). Pretty trinkets.

The drive was hot and dry again, but much prettier. I stopped at Green River because I was tired. Go figure! I had a great dinner in a restaurant on the river, which made up for the heat. Well, the air conditioning helped.

Randy Sparks wrote a song that went
"Keep those wagons moving, mister, don't you be hanging 'round. We don't want no peddlers in this Green River town". The Green River ordinance is one, universally, that forbids peddling in towns. I remember this because in 1965 we three dumb broads were driving to Boulder, and stopped in town here to ask for a sign. They said NO, and then we found out that the Back Porch Majority (the band) had stolen one as they went through...

and forever the town of Green River thinks we did it, I'm sure.

I met a couple of Canadian couples (say that fast, three times) and we had a nice chat about how they NEVER NEED TO GO NEAR LOS ANGELES.

So... a couple more pretty pictures...

up close


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