Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Waiting... a Nod to Aime....

I have, as many of you know, had a boatload of jobs in my life. My position has always been if I don't like something, or tire of it, it's time to go on to something else. This means, of course, that I have never truly FULFILLED MY POTENTIAL.

Gawd I hate those words.

I think that POTENTIAL is one of the original seven dirty words and that Sweet Georgie Carlin missed it.

I was fed that word on a regular basis most of my life until I learned some really dirty words. Then most people stopped. The word was never used as a positive, but only as an end to the phrase 'YOU'RE NOT LIVING UP TO YOUR...."

But more about that at a later date.... unless I don't live up to it again..

I've gotten off track (surprise!)

I've read some posts by a local waitress on a blog called Serving and Waiting. She's a bright and funny girl and SHOULD WRITE MORE OFTEN (ahem!), but I'm working on that. We've talked a bit and it brought back some memories of one of the types of jobs I loved the most. So today, children, sit yourselves down and we'll discuss:

Waiting tables.
(yeah.. I know it LOOKS like me, but it ain't. Get over it (grin))

The first time I took a shot at this occupation was in Hawaii in 1969 (and for those of you who were not there anytime around THAT time I'm sorry... it was a wonderful time... almost everywhere).

I made a trip there in 1968 for a month in the summer and loved the place. This was because I jumped in with both feet and experienced it all. It may take more posts to talk about my Hawaii. Too much happening.

Anyways, as Al would say, I took a job at the Blue Hawaiian room in one of the big hotels on the ocean.

I loved it. I got to be ME in front of a new audience daily (yet another reason why I love to keep moving when I travel). In 1969, if you lived in the middle of this great country and you took only one trip in your life, it was to Hawaii. It had all the perks: no change in money or language, friendly people, super weather, sun,, sea, surf and beauty. I met some wonderful people and then ... some ... well... let' just say that there were two questions I got the most...

1. "How come you speak English so good?" ... Now I never corrected the grammatical errors in this sentence for people, as I found that showing any signs of superior intelligence frightened them. They were happy with "Georgy Girl" the waitress and NOT so with the teacher. I would explain that a. Hawaii was part of the US and b. I was born in California, which MIGHT have helped with the english part.

2. "Do you live here?".. to which I usually replied "No, I commute.. the travel is a bitch, but the tips are really good"... They meant, of course, in the hotel or on the 'strip', but this question always made us laugh.

Waiting ranks up in the top 3 or 4 of my favorite jobs, for all the reasons listed above. I would take favorite people around the island (in my 69 VW) and show them the 'good stuff' when they tired of the planned travel, and throw myself in the swimming pool (uniform and all) at the end of most days.

If I was your waitress, you had a better time than you would have had, pale and slightly frightened, if you hadn't met me.

But then that's true of almost everyone I've met... We have better times than we would if we had never met...

And that's why I love y'all.

Me... summer of '68. Taken by Big George.. but more about that later. He was 19 (maybe). I was 24.


At 5:41 PM, Blogger WyattBurp said...

Of course everyone had a great time! You're a fun chick. And hubba-hubba on that pic of you! You wuz a natural knockout.

It sure sucks to get old.

At 8:40 PM, Blogger Amie said...

WOW!! I adore this post. I know I tend to be more sarcastic and negative when i write about my serving jobs but I promise you I don't always despise it. Serving has brought many great things and people in my life and I will always be thankful for that and I don't regret it. When I tell these stories I am just keeping it really real, if that makes any sense. I really enjoyed your Hawaii story and you look sooo pretty in your picture. Oh and do you know that I have a 1986 VW bug that I absolutely adore??? Well I do!

At 8:41 PM, Blogger Amie said...

ooppps I meant to say 1968 VW bug and accidently said 1986... I am sorry but I am dyslexic so I tend to do crap like that. Darn!


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