Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nap Time...

OK.. before you all go talking smack about how old I am, let me tell you a little story. You remember my little stories, right?

I have often heard the phrase "it seemed as if it was happening to someone else" used to describe some event or situation that the writer just didn't believe .

I have never used this phrase before. Everything that has happened to me has been very much mine. I remember most everything that I've ever done, and have so few regrets about things that they are literally too few to mention. Good, bad or indifferent (strike the indifferent part. I am rarely indifferent about anything, as most of you know (grin)), my happenings are mine and clear and I have always been very present.

Except.. (and you knew this was coming, didn't you).

Except Mom. Mom's stroke SEVEN YEARS AGO (shit), was sudden, unexpected and unprepared for. I went from being a very independent woman to living in my mother's house in less than three weeks. The entire 20 months I lived with her is one of those "it seemed as if it happened to someone else" times. I look back on it and can't really wrap my head around any of it.. truly. I'm not going into detail about it except for one part.

The naps.

Combine my sleeping with a baby monitor (to hear her every night) with her needing to DO things all the time (and being incapable of much) and you come up with one sleepy gal.

Soooo... I started a routine. Every day I would say "I'm going to take a 20 minute nap". You know about naps. Too short and it does no good, too long and you're cranky. No problem there because at the end of 20 minutes my Mom would stand in the doorway and wake me up.


Since my Mom's situation still tires me (although the little pills ARE helping), I started napping again.

Only now they've changed.

I turn on the heated mattress pad and the kitties and I pile in the bed (one on my hip and the other near my head where they can be petted until they run out of purrs) and we don't really sleep (well, I can't speak for them). We go to Oregon sometimes, and design the house and find great nooks and crannies for kitties and reading. We watch the river out the window. We check out the kitty run outside the house (in Oregon) to make sure it's safe. We go all kinds of places away from here.

Hooray for Nap Time...


At 6:03 PM, Blogger Amie said...

This was cute. I got a mental image of you trying to get a nap and holding onto a baby monitor as your mother is standing in your doorway about to wake you up. Too funny! And I love the whole bit about the kitties and you cuddling up together. Makes me miss living with a kitty;-(


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