Saturday, January 31, 2009

There But For the Grace....

Wyatt Burp (PFS) (in the post below, with Shrieky) came home after their little excursion and the next day her granddaughter, who is 14 and APPARENTLY not very bright, was in an accident. Seems she 'borrowed' her great grandmother's car and went joy riding with a friend. The friend was smart enough to wear a seat belt, which probably saved her life. She... well.. I'll let her grandmother do the talking here..

"they went to see her boyfriend about 12 miles away. It had been raining and they were on the way home. She was apparantely driving too fast and lost control of the car on a bad curve. The car spun around in the road a few times before coming to rest in a ditch. My grandaughter Elizabeth was throw out through the back windshield - she was not wearing her seatbelt either - and landed in a ditch. The car was totaled, as the trunk of the car is now in the back seat. She has several bad cuts on her face, a fairly severe concussion, a bruised lung and possibly some internal injuries since she keeps throwing up blood. She was taken by ambulance to the local hospital and after staying there until 6:00 this morning they transported her to a larger hospital better equiped to deal with what the ER doctor called pediatric trauma.

It seems that she will be ok. They will be doing more test this morning. "

and, since they haven't seemed to get through to her (BLESS THEIR HEARTS!)

it's my turn..

As you all know, I hope to be traveling out 'that way' this Fall. (What, you didn't? Well, consider yourselves warned! (grin))

I've scheduled a talk with the 'child'..

I'm bringing literature and figures..

I sent a hug for Janet to give to her for now, with the instructions to be ready for the talk..

The car..

Rear View...

Side View.. you can see the broken rear windshield..

They were very very lucky...

Very ...

Oh yeah... she was recovering from cracked vertebrae from a fall while cheerleading, too..

We definitely need to have a talk...



At 6:17 PM, Blogger WyattBurp said...

Well if that doesn't get my little knucklehead's attention, then I don't know what will! Gee, just looking at those pictures scare me all over again!

Yes MizM, I am a very very lucky woman. I don't think my heart would have ever mended if things had turned out differently.

At 5:52 PM, Blogger Infamous Angel said...

No one ever recovers from the loss of a child, grand or otherwise. It changes things forever for everyone.


it's coming...

At 11:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

JEEZ LOUISE! And yes, I remember only too well that feeling that just because I was a teenager, there's no way I was mortal. Owch!
I'm very glad no one was killed - and this may seem way too pat, but it's true - "Those Things Which Hurt, Instruct" - courtesey of Benjamin Franklin.

St.J in St. LOUIE!!!


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