Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Even L.A. Gets the Blues

This picture was taken overlooking the airport. (in case you can't see the planes!) We actually had some weather last month, and it included rain, snow, cold and wind. I loved it, and so did the city! There's a nifty hill in El Segundo (the second... must have been an old oil field name). There is a place at the peak of the hill that has a marvelous view of the airport and all of Los Angeles. It's difficult to see the snow, but it's there, just to the right.

See.. even this city can be pretty.

Notice that I kept my promise to post regularly? I knew you would..

Bigger kitties, specially the baby kitty...

On to kitty talk. They are getting bigger and, if possible, more affectionate. Big Kitty (Lucretia... or Lucy, for short) almost always comes up at some time in the very early morning and stretches out on me, cleans my chin, bites it gently and goes to sleep again with her head buried in my neck. She is still showing behavior that relates to being mistreated, but is more relaxed all the time.

Little Kitty (the Squeak) is cuddly, but more independent. I'm not certain if that's because she's still such a kitten, or if that's just going to be her personality. We're working on it.. She loves to play with anything, so this house is filled with toys. EVEN SO, this picture shows what she thinks is the most fun... Killing the tablecloth.

I replaced this once, and now she's working on the new one. I think it's the soft fuzzy understuff...

or she's just nuts!


At 4:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the feline update! Sorry I haven't posted much but Al and I have been sick for over a month now. I've gotta stop this, "You know, I just got over this bug that was the worst I've ever had..." because they just keep getting WORSE. Gory details? Try bronchitis/tonsilitis combo with pinkeye thrown in for good measure. I have never had pinkeye before. I hope to never have it again. And no, it doesn't make you feel like a cuddly bunny.

Cats are so wonderfully enigmatic. My Abby who has always been the "Uh-Oh! Company's here; guess I'll hide under the couch in the back closet, behind the box of Xmas ornaments and just stay there for a month..." cat, has become the Big Bold Explorer of the New House, while Tigger, who has always been very in-your-face, "Yipee! Company's here! Can I sit in their laps and poke a paw up their noses?" cat, is now the one hiding in the box, in the closet. We really thought it would be the other way around. They are both getting TONS of enjoyment out of the squirrel family in the attic, whom they cannot see but can hear all too clearly.

Too much rain here. Damp. Cold. Sniffly. Ugh.


At 10:31 AM, Blogger ephemerina said...

Kitties are BIG!

And I was just speculating myself about El Segundo. Is there an El Primo somewhere?


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