Monday, May 17, 2010

Huge Aircraft... Yet Another Fun Job.

I couldn't think of any image for Hughes Aircraft, so I borrowed this one. You have to have SOMETHING, and this is a LASER. The connection will come in later.

I worked for Hughes for less than a year. My father was SO HAPPY when I went to work for Hughes... It was a 'real job' in my list of jobs that have been chosen with the idea of keeping me from being a serious contender in the world of employment. When I applied for work at Hughes, I had to have a RESUME! It was then that, even with some careful pruning to eliminate jobs like "Wonderful World of Wigs" and Meat wrapping at Ralph's and stretching the time in on the 'better' jobs, I realized that I had 13 jobs in 15 years. Still.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement. The good news was that I had an "in", and only really had to prove my typing skills. Thank goodness for Elementary school (wait, did I really learn to type in Elementary School? Damn...).

My job at Hughes was typical of the problems that led them to be sucked into who ever bought them in the early 80's. It could have been done half day. My job was being... well.... hmm... let's call it EARTH MOTHER to 17 source engineers on the east coast. Their job was to source glass (we made LASERS.. I told you I'd get to it) my job was to keep them happy, healthy, paid, on task and on time.

What I loved were the letters I wrote to them each week. Letters filled with Hughes News (not that they cared) and my news and tips for them on how to keep me happy (on time expense reports, showing up for tasks, etc.).

I loved those guys. My father loved the job because, as I said, it was a 'real job'. I had a serious paycheck a pension and I wore a BADGE.

It was the badge part that irked me. Being caught without your badge at Hughes was a firing offense. Naturally, I took it off after I entered the place, and never wore it inside.

And, because I'm me, no one ever asked me for it.


It's all about the attitude.

Since my guys were done working around 1PM my time, I had lots of time on my hands, which I spent going into the restricted parts of the plant and watching them make things.

I still have some parts of LASER boules they gave me. LASERS have to be PERFECT. So if a teeny tiny glitch happens while one is being made, it's toast. That's where these synthetic diamonds came from. The primary job of the fake diamond people was making LASER boules, but the left overs made pretty nice gems.

Anyways, it was a great job while it lasted, but then I met this dentist and threw it all away.. but that's another story for another time.

Poor Dad (grin).


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