Monday, October 24, 2005

They went upon their abba dabba Honeymoon!

Catalina, 1938... aren't they just the cutest? I love the clothes of the time, those long, loose pants.

But back to the honeymoon...

As I've said, my parents met at a dance at my mother's boarding school. She was very young, and first thought Dad to be 'too old'. He was a persistent person, however, and wooed and won her easily. After the Honeymoon and several trips to the hospital, they set up housekeeping in West Los Angeles, close to the place I was raised. My father was a hard working gentle-man. My mother was a smart, inexperienced woman. They fit well together.

The things I remember from my childhood are myriad. I am occasionally subdued when I talk about it, because I have met so many people for whom childhood was a terrible time. Mine was pretty golden. We were on the west coast during the war. My father had to quit his job and joined the War Manpower Commission, training people to train people. He was unfit for service physically. My brother was born in 1941 and I was born in 1943. My sister is a baby boomer, born in 1947 (and cute as a bug she was)... We lived in a typical house on a typical neighborhood in a typical 'bedroom' community in an atypical city. ZZZZZZ wait.. I'm putting ME to sleep....

See.. I told you I couldn't talk about it, it was way to ordinary! Or so it seemed to us. My father quit his job shortly after my sister was born because he couldn't stand working for someone else. He worked out of his car for a while and then re opened the factory he had before the war... He made venetian blinds. One of my fondest memories was being allowed to go to work with him on a Saturday. I would play with the venetian blind tailings and we would go to the corner store for a baloney sandwich and a Nephi... sigh. That corner, by the way, is now the Design Center, and that little market was a hold out property that sat FOREVER, it seemed, in front and in the way of that huge building. I don't remember when they finally sold out.



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