Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Hometown Fair

The Fair, in early regalia .. more pictures after blog!

Ok.. I'm recovered enough to blog, but not get into some of the trip stuff... maybe later. My hands are still achy from driving. I think I need an attitude adjustment!

This is the Hometown fair weekend. It's not that I don't like the fair, it's just that I'm RIGHT in the middle of it... I mean SERIOUSLY in the middle of it, and right this minute there is a band at the right end of it with someone singing "Popsicle Toes" (I kid you not!) and a folk music band at the other end sing "Wack fol the daddio"... of course, they can't hear each OTHER, but I get them both.. equally loud, playing at once. In the middle is the fair itself, and the sounds of that truly are delightful... something about children and happy conversations. In front of my house there are several ... um... venues, for lack of a better word: the reptile show, the bird show and some VERY cheap circus kind of shouting act... all vying for space in my ears along with the two stages... The good news is that this fair has made some attempt to keep 'real people' arts and crafts, which makes that part of it enjoyable, especially watching the new booths each year and seeing how they do. I had to buy a little fish thingy this year.... you see.. I have a .. well... I'll put a picture up later

Years ago, when I first moved here and started with the fair every year, there was no fence on the 'right of way" (read RAIL ROAD TRACKS) in front of my house, so people would park in my driveway and 'run across to the fair"... since use of said driveway was a yearly bonus for friends and family members, I was, needless to say, quite... um... miffed! So, one year I put up a huge sign, on endless old printer paper that said "If you are not MY mother, do not park here" and added, the second year "not even 'just for a minute". The runners in the race that happens the first day loved the break, and eventually looked for the sign every year, offering to either adopt me or call me Mom (I just figured those poor folks were unclear on the concept, so I smiled and waved to one and all). Several years ago, when the old sign became unwieldy and tattered, I made one on poster paper from school. This year I couldn't find it, so I quickly took an old poster and wrote on the back of it... adding the codicil "Oh, how the mighty have fallen", which no one got but my sister... sigh... It was always interesting, every year, to see which new person I met during the year would say "OH... say, don't you live across from the fair? Could I park in your driveway?" to which I would politely reply.. "Of course.. I'll just tell my mother and my sister and my best friends to go to HELL this year"... !!! doh...

Things have quieted down now, only a very loud and occasionally very poor band is playing some sort of ... oh... 60's music . Everyone is heading home. The sun never came out, which I find a blessing, but it will be interesting to see if my new 'good' booth this year did well. I'll check with her tomorrow... it was my opinion she didn't have enough stuff, because what she had was well priced and kind of unique!



At 7:45 PM, Blogger pfs said...

Damn MizM - what is that crap those other commenters left? Are they SPAMMING you? I can't believe that. Ain't anything sacred anymore?

BTW, that fair looks great. It looks to be nice and cool and just the word "fair" makes me think of long pants and sweaters and candy apples. Enjoy one for me.

At 10:18 PM, Blogger St.J said...

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At 5:43 PM, Blogger Infamous Angel said...

stj.. I removed (but saved) your great post because you had your address on it... not wise... I'll put it back if you wish,

Oh wait.. i'll put it back now without the addy.. !
"Hey Gorgeous!

Sigh - sorry I was so out of it when you called t'other mornin'. I think the last several weeks have finally caught up with me and tromped me flattern' hammered shit. Mom pulled through fine (are we surprised?) she's probably pullin' freakin' wheelies around ICU even as I type this.

Tired + Can't Sleep + Cointreau = aspiring poorly to Ogden Nash

God had the Gall
to give her a bladder
that doesn't matter

Damn near everything I own is bubble wrapped, double wrapped with foam crap and duct wrapped, taped triple tape and wrapped in crepe for my pending escape."



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