Thursday, November 17, 2005

No No! Not LObotomy!! Phlebotomy!!

Don't you just hate it when they mix up those two??? Dang...

I had my first phlebotomy the other day. No, not the "we're going to take a bit of blood from your arm to test it'... I had the real deal... the big Kahuna. 500cc's of red stuff SUCKED from my arm. Or at least that was what was supposed to happen. Of course, in keeping with all my VERY SUCCESSFUL doctor appointments this year, it just went so smoothly...


In case you aren't up to date, I have Hemochromatosis. It's only the most common genetic disorder in the U.S., and the least recognized. Of course it's mine... They call it the Celtic Curse, because it mainly occurs in English/Irish northern Europe genetic mixes... and boy, am I mixed. So far (not counting any encounters with some delightful gentlemen) my genetic mix includes: Irish, English, Welsh, Scots, German, French and... well, that's about the main thrust of it.

Back to the phlebotomy. The problem with Hemochromatosis is that my body doesn't get rid of Iron. It holds it. Not a big thing until it starts to build up so much that it loads in the liver and pancreas and other useful organs. Then it's a very big deal. We think it killed my father.

Oh yeah.. phlebotomy (can you tell love that word?)... the only way to rid my body of excess iron is to BLEED ME (maniacal laughter inserted here). My family hates it when i say that... bleed me... but it's true. So I need to be phlebotomized on a regular basis, depending on the iron load in my blood.

and this week was the first time.

Now, I've donated blood bunches of times. No big deal. I have found, however, that hematologists tend to travel with oncologists... I have no idea why, unless it's because the names end the same. You could sort of combine business cards, I guess...

ANYWAY, the office where the phlebotomy was performed is one who's main purpose is to PUT something IN your blood. There were people there receiving chemo, or something else, I know not what. First the little technician tried my right arm, in spite of my protests that my left arm seemed better to all the donation people. She managed to raise a hematoma somewhere that seemed to be nowhere near the vein. It's still bruised. When she finally seemed to connect, the blood would coagulate as soon as it left my arm.. She switched to the left arm and had no better time with that, and finally had to sit and hold the needle in my arm the entire time the blood was SUCKED out of me. All 500cc's of it... I was NOT a happy camper.

and I have to go back..

again and again

I have a plan, however...

no, I really do




At 12:20 AM, Blogger St.Julien I said...

Okay ---just in case you've not stumbled on it yet:

Jardine MT - AKA Bush MT
Site of gold/arsenic mining town - now classified as a "Ghost Town". Name changed from Bush to Jardine in 1902. Gold mining ran from 1865 to 1926 when arsenic lodes began to be mined. Last mining operation closed in 1946.

Located six miles NE Of Gardner.

Oooey - you've had a time of it my dear. I'm off this Sunday/Monday -I think a long telerphone call is in order. XXOOXXOO

At 1:05 AM, Blogger St.Julien I said...

And Just One More...


The Annual Jardine Ski Run 2005

Luv you...

At 10:11 PM, Blogger bonho said...

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal phlebotomy?


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